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Kemuri | Smoke by QuixoticallyYours
Kemuri | Smoke
So, this is one of my characters from an on-going story I have got with my penpal, :iconclaha:. I'm trying to knock off the rust from not having seriously drawn in some time. . . Here's to the reprise of my dA and of my drawing passion!


QuixoticallyYours's Profile Picture
United States
Yo, sup. I'm a twentysomething artist gamer chick (NOT the fake kind who hold controllers in their cleavage. (~_~) The kind that will kick your @$$ in Smash Bros and not bat an eyelash, then challenge you to Mortal Kombat X, and right after demand we play through Borderlands 2 one more time for the lulz. And then go play Skyrim til the sun comes up. . . it's kind of my thing).

As you can see, I am pretty intense about my games. I'm usually gaming if I'm not working or binge'ing on Netflix. XD I like Sense8, btw. A lot.

I used to want to be a manga artist as a profession. Now, I am an artist who will produce manga on my own time as I use my brains to make me money in the business world! My goal is to get good enough at what I do so that I can work 3 days a week and still rake in six figures, then use the rest of my free time to DRAW. Andgameofcourse. I have it all figured out, huh? XD I'm smart like that.

I also happen to be an unofficial advocate for more diverse ethnicities in art! Too long have I seen only Eurocentric or East Asian-centric characters in comics. . . I want to spread diversity, like my favorite manga-ka, Svetlana Chmakova! I don't want just one people to be represented, I want ALL the peoples from every corner of the globe to be represented in my art! Just as fast as I learn to draw them! XD

And now my rambling is over. For more information on me, look down there at my interests.

v v v
  • Listening to: Nada
  • Reading: Nada
  • Watching: Computer screen.
  • Playing: Nada
  • Eating: Nada.
  • Drinking: Nada.

I really, really want to do it. I really do. I would looove to be consistent, doing it everyday.
So WHY do I have such a problem getting it up?

. . . I'm talking about getting my pictures up onto this site, you pervs! XD


How's it going.

I think this is the longest I've gone without updating my journal. . . the last time was like. . . *looks*

Talk about epic procrastination. XD

So yes, about the artz. . .

Well, in summary, I was drawing a LOT in the beginning of 2011. Was involved with my uncle's newspaper comic for the teens' section.
Trés bien. I was drawing like CRAZY. I didn't upload it onto here, though, because I was being lazy, and I hated it.

It was only two or three issues in until I scrapped it . . . but I may upload the two pages I had if you guys harass me about it. Maybe. =/

But anyways. I'm starting to mobilize my mindset to a more business mode so I can market myself and sell my talents to the world.
Hence me focusing on a business degree at the moment! I'm a little less than half way done with it, and so by the time I am finished,
I'm hoping to have a more business mind.

I've been thinking, I need to get more serious about my art; I can't just keep doodling and doing nothing with it.
I see pictures that aren't as good as mine getting sold at anime cons for $20, $20, $40 a pop! I could and should and need to be doing that!

So, that's where my head's at. I'm gonna start selling my stuff at anime cons, and I wanna get on developing this website so that I can direct
customers to it that may not have the funds to get my stuff then and there (I'm usually that guy, LOL).

So, yes! Please bear with me, few devwatchers that I have! I won't say "You'll be seeing more of me," because I'm juggling transferring schools
and a part time job at the moment, so yeah. I will probably be dipping off again and again.

But, I plan to make those dip periods become less and less until updating this becomes a habit, like facebook.

. . . . wait. Ievendipoffofthat,andquitefrequently. . . so, I'll make it a habit like checking my e-mail. (Gotta have my work schedule! XD; )

Peace out! I do, however, know I'll be adding a few arts soon, 'cause I've gotten some drawn in my new mini-sketchbook.

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